Month: May 2015

Camping Krk, Croatia


The decision to follow the scenic road 106 south from Ljubljana was a good one. It gave us the opportunity to see what Slovenia was really like in the countryside and it was a mass of lush meadows and densely forested hill sides, quaint villages and views of distant mountains. I had read somewhere that it was Europe’s most densely forested country by percentage of size and this was clearly true. The road was quite good as well and not a problem for us. At the border with Croatia, Petrina/Brod na Kup, I was surprised to see two manned border crossings and we had to produce our passports to both sides. I expect that Croatia is not a part of the Schengen agreement as we did not encounter the same when we entered Slovenia from Austria.

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Camping Ljubljana Resort, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The drive from Austria was only about 65 miles along the A2 motorway in Slovenia having crossed the border via the 5 mile long Karawacken Tunnel. Our Go Box deducted the toll charge for us and on the Slovenian side we paid tolls by card or cash due to our weight. However when I tried to pay the 10.10€ using my MasterCard the young lady said it was not accepted, only EuroCard, which I later learned was another name here for MasterCard and was widely accepted in Slovenia. The scenery along the way was of lush fields and heavily forested hills and mountains. Continue reading

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Camping Jodl, Alt-Ossiach, Carinthia, Austria


The best views of the Lienzer Dolomite mountains were seen just after leaving the campsite we had stayed at the night before. The long range of steep mountains was broken up by valleys running down their almost vertical sides making the full terrain look like gigantic fingers on a hand. Unfortunately there was nowhere to stop to get photographs and Sharon’s attempts to get good ones showing the topography with the small camera as we were driving was impossible. We stopped at an ALDI just after the end of the range and I managed to get a photograph from the car park but it does not reflect their beauty really. It is the first one shown. Continue reading

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Caravan blogs

As well as sharing thoughts and wisdom on the forums, some Caravan Talk members also keep dedicated caravan blogs. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites…


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Through Portugal


We had to put the clocks back when we crossed the border into Portugal. The country is on GMT and we were back to early nights.The weather didn’t help either as it was pouring with rain and we gave the Algarve a miss for a more northerly route, spending our first night in Portugal at the walled town of Serpa’s municipal site. Continue reading

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