Month: November 2015

Best Countries to Visit in 2016

2016 is your year to travel! Maybe you’re a young 20 something year old who has a desire to get out and see the world while you’re still young and uninhibited, or maybe you’re an empty nester couple who longs to rekindle that romantic flame on a tour of the world. Continue reading

Tyre Maintenance for Dummies

Did you know that an average driver spends about $2,000 on his car for no reason? It is literally for no reason, like throwing the money away. These two thousand dollars are the calculated amount of money that one can save if he or she only took care of their car, and especially their tyres. Summer is quickly approaching, and with that the need to prepare your car for the hot weather and asphalt. So what you should do in situations like this one? Continue reading

Tips for Moving Abroad

This is an exciting time. You’re finally biting the bullet and moving to that destination overseas that has always called to you and made your heart soar. Unfortunately, these exciting times and feelings don’t come by themselves, and with the rush of sheer joy, comes the undeniable boding feeling of fear and anxiety at all that needs to be done in preparation for you to make a new life abroad. Continue reading

Static Caravan Advice – The Inside Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to trying to find the perfect home from home, there are many factors to consider. During this time of year, many people choose a static caravan to help them escape the demands of the 9-5 life and leave all the home stresses behind at the same time. Continue reading

Top Four Watery Destinations Around The World

Being that the Earth’s surface is about seventy percent water, you would think this would be an easy decision.  On the contrary, water around the world shapes and forms some of the most beautiful landscapes this planet has to offer.  Given the prominence, it’s quite the task to attempt to narrow the field down to only five.  Well, we have done it.  If you’re seeking out a watery adventure, then you’ve come to the right place.  Here is a quick little summary of the top four watery destinations you won’t want to miss all around the world.   Continue reading