Month: December 2015

3 Perfect Places for a UK Campervan Trip in 2016

Exploring the UK has become easier and more exciting than ever with so many campervan providers around the UK. You can easily hire a campervan and head to any part of the UK you want to and do whatever you like. There are some providers which operate only within a county or two as well. A luxury campervan is like your home on road with so many luxury features and amanitas. So, if you are ready to go for your first UK campervan trip with your family or friends, here are 3 of the perfect places that you should not miss exploring: Continue reading

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3 Tips For Making Travel a Reality

Most people can say with certainty that they want to travel someday. Whether they have dreams of exotic vacations or road trips around their country, it is a common goal. Unfortunately, for many people, life continuously gets in the way of their travel plans. Even the best laid New Year’s resolutions for travel can fall flat if you don’t put a plan in place. If you struggle with big ideas but lack the know-how to pursue your traveling dreams, you may need help with the technicalities. Included here are a few tips to help you make traveling a reality.

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5 Cheap Holidays You Must Consider

Are you looking for ways to make great savings on your next holiday? Well, we can help. We are offering 5 cheap holiday tips you must consider for your next adventure.

Stay in a Caravan

If you want to enjoy a cheap and cheerful holiday, you just have to book a stay in a caravan. Head on off to Wales to enjoy beautiful scenery, the funfair and family pubs – or stay in the Lake District for amazing country walks and fresh air.

Not only will the kids love a stay in their temporary home, but the whole family can make the most of the onsite facilities, as many caravan parks offer on-site restaurant, bars, pool areas, shops, entertainment and amusements.

Enjoy Krakow’s Nightlife

If you want to live it up abroad, look no further than Krakow – which is not only very cheap but offers an electric nightlife. We recommend venturing into the Old Town or Kazimierz, which are full to the brim with unique bars, live music venues and clubs. This is one experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

Take a Break in Liverpool

One of the most popular destinations in the UK has to be Liverpool – which is just getting better every single day. Offering plenty of free museums, attractions and wonderful scenery, there are so many things to do in the city. Signature Living, a Liverpool party hotel,  specialises in offering affordable accommodation for small, medium and large groups – so you can split the cost with your loved ones and stay in the city centre for a value-for-money price.Explore Berlin’s Culture

Explore Berlin’s Culture

Berlin has to be one of the most cultural destinations in the world – not to mention one of the most affordable. The food and drink are quite cheap and there are so many things to see and do in the city, as you’ll be spoilt for options when it comes to Berlin museums, galleries, contemporary arts, theatre and historic attractions.

Sunbathe in Tenerife

If you are looking for a cheap place to sunbathe, you would have to be crazy not to book a holiday at the Canary Islands in Tenerife. Budget airlines serve the islands and there are plenty of all inclusive deals you can take your pick from. The money saved can therefore go towards you holiday fund.

Before you book anywhere, you should always do your homework. Head to TripAdvisor to find cheap things to do in your destination, and browse the market to find the best rates for your accommodation and travel tickets.

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Travel and Tourism Office Workers Happy

If you’re the manager of any number of people in a travel and tourism office environment, you know that attitude is everything in a group setting to keep everyone happy and working efficiently. And those attitudes, can be very sensitive. One person in an office gets upset, and there can be a crazy domino effect.

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Effortless Exercises for Vacation

Vacation is usually a time of solitude, relaxation, and indulgence.  When you hear the word, you probably conjure images of serene aqua waves lapping against a white sandy beach, round after round of cold, fruity cocktails dressed with mini umbrellas, and stuffing yourself with the local specialty cuisine.

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