Identifying oneself as a Gypsy is no longer something which comes by default as a result of being born into a Gypsy family. Like a lot of other things these days, being a Gypsy has become more of a lifestyle choice than anything else. Sure, there are people who prefer to use the term “nomad,” but in true modern-day traveller style, identifying as a modern-day Gypsy perhaps explains the ever-growing wanderlust a little better. Fundamentally, the typical Gypsy lifestyle, as it existed a few decades ago, had these types of nomads never having to pay for accommodation. That now iconic Gypsy caravan was all they needed by way of a roof over their heads, wherever it is they made their way to. The modern day Gypsy-type nomad could never really practically bring a caravan along wherever they went, especially since travelling globally is a lot more accessible and a lot more desirable. Continue reading

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