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Good old days…

Firstly, let’s admit it. You have nostalgia for the old days of Caravanning right? We all do. Sometimes though the reality of vintage caravans don’t live up to expectations. On Caravanweb we like to look at what (other than the Caravans) made the old days so great. So say hello, stick around and be inspired!

Let’s Share Adventures!

We are husband and wife, Rachel and Mike, and caravan owners travelling around England trying to see as much as we can. We started caravanning as we didn’t enjoy camping, we were fed up with cold, wet and miserable nights in a tent. Caravanning is much more civilized! We started this blog, as we wanted to share our experiencing and adventures. Learning to “caravan” was quiet interesting process, stay with us and you will read a lot of good, funny and educational stories.

Rachel and Mike

A bit soppy, but having a moment!

We will try to inspire readers to travel to new places and remote locations in comfort. We will do our best to provide you with ideas, information, and products that will help you make the most of your adventures. We have a video caravan and motorhome reviews and image galleries of travel destinations. We love finding good old caravan and breathing life into it, and we love to see it become once again nice and admirable.

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Our two little rascals!

Our mission

More and more people every year are turning to caravanning as a holiday alternative to package holidays abroad. There are many people who are new to caravanning and so this blog is aimed at those people to help answer the questions they have before and after they buy. We will provide up-to-date articles, helping you chose the best destinations, the best caravans and give you the best advice to get the most from your caravans and your caravan holidays. We know enough about caravanning now, to share the caravan reviews, tow car reviews, travel guides, advice and much more. Now we are not saying we have all the answers, we are sure there will be many things we don’t know, but what we do know is how and where to find the answers and so will endeavor to help you in any way we can. Either you are planning to buy a caravan or you already own one, we are here to help with any caravanning questions you might have and provide you with the best and practical solutions.

Caravan, Campervan tent or Kayak. We’ve got you covered at Caravanweb.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the pictures and we hope to inspire!