Tyre Maintenance for Dummies

Did you know that an average driver spends about $2,000 on his car for no reason? It is literally for no reason, like throwing the money away. These two thousand dollars are the calculated amount of money that one can save if he or she only took care of their car, and especially their tyres. […]read in full »

Static Caravan Advice - The Inside Buyer's Guide

When it comes to trying to find the perfect home from home, there are many factors to consider. During this time of year, many people choose a static caravan to help them escape the demands of the 9-5 life and leave all the home stresses behind at the same time. Please follow and like us:read in full »

Four Locations You'll Have To Camp While In Austria

Camping is a great way to build memories with family and friends.  Camping in Europe offers a wide variety of settings and landscapes to lay your head beside any time of the year.  Obviously, you might not want to trek the mountainous terrain during the cold season, but if you plan with knowledge and intent, […]read in full »

Cornwall 2013 (Part 4)

Sunday 18 August Our first full day with our Ronnie, Roids, DD & TF.  I wake at around 8am with a screaming bladder and a peak out of the bog window tells me it’s dry and sunny.  I get dressed and take the dogs out.  Not to the site dog walk this morning but to […]read in full »

Road Kill Massacre on Exmoor

Monday 22 October The time has come for our October half term break that’s not really in half term this year.  I woke up, and a peak through the blinds revealed it was still dark!  No doubt that winter is coming! Please follow and like us:read in full »

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