Dubai has grown into a major region for business and that means that there is an ever-expanding number of conferences and exhibitions that are staged annually in this part of the world.

It is not hard to see why Dubai is so popular as a conference venue as it offers hosts and visitors all that you should expect from a modern city in terms of amenities and entertainment, but you still need to do your planning and pick a resort that is just right for your needs.

A team of professionals to support you

Planning a conference is not something you can do on your own and the good news is that Dubai has managed to earn a reputation as a place where you can get all the professional help you require for the event to be a success.

Picking a venue like the Habtoor Grand Resort, for example, will give you the ability to offer guests great accommodation and plenty of chance to relax and enjoy the surroundings away from the conference itself.

Most venues like this are large enough to cope with a big event or provide a first-class service for an event on a smaller scale.

You can also call upon some professional and technical assistance when you need it with many highly-regarded companies based in Dubai who are able to assist with your lighting and sound requirements.

A partner on the ground

Organizing an overseas event can be a logistical challenge and that is why it often helps to enlist the services of a local partner who can sort out things on your behalf more easily if it requires a face-to-face meeting.

There are a number of organizations locally in Dubai who are geared up to providing this service and they can also liaise with resort management too in order to ensure that everything is in place within the timescale set.

You will likely find that using a local partner to help you organize your conference will likely prove to be more cost-effective than trying to do it all yourself from a different location.

Entertainment is part of the deal

A conference doesn’t feel complete without some form of entertainment, and as you might expect, you are not short of options when it comes to being able to put on a show that gives the delegates plenty to talk about afterward.

Ask your chosen resort partner about the options available and make use of their local contacts so that you can get the sort of entertainment you want in place and ready for your conference.

Pick your time

Finally, it is a good idea to pick a good time of the year to hold your conference.

Dubai is not exactly short of air-conditioned options for your comfort but it still makes sense to organize your conference for some time between October and April. The summer months can be particularly hot and you also need to be mindful of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Muslim calendar, because working hours are shortened during this period.

Choosing a resort host in Dubai from the options available might be a challenge with so many first-class venues on offer, but at least you can be sure to expect great service and plenty of style to wow your guests.


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