When it comes to mobile device roaming costs, you will be well “across the pond” if you travel to the U.S. or Canada. The major Canadian urban areas have started to sync with U.S. mobile phone technology. Still, if you’ll want to check ahead to save money on your mobile usage while traveling in Canada.

Consumer Reports warns you to pay by the megabyte instead of the gigabyte. With prices reaching $2.00/megabyte, you can go broke sending a video of Saskatchewan’s natural beauty or tourist attractions in the Maritimes.

How you can save:

  • Start with what you have.S. signal carriers are trying to level the playing field. It’s obvious it’s in their profit interest to serve more of the world than not. It’s to their advantage to master more of the potential market than not. For example, a world-plan add-on would let you retain your current phone number.

So, you should check your current carrier how they serve you on your travel. You should know the cost of roaming wherever you plan to travel through Canada. It’s one thing to deal with the range and fees in Toronto, Ontario, or Vancouver. But, it’s another to expense your coverage on Prince Edward Island or in the Northern Territories.

  • Strip down. In most situations, the difference in Canadian coverage is the data load and speed. Most of the country is aligned with 2G systems while U.S. carriers are reaching 4G. But, you have options. If you use Wi-Fi alone and alert your contacts to use connections like Facebook, Google Voice, or WhatsApp, you can call, text, or video.

These messages travel on the VoIP without using your phone’s minutes. Google Voice has some added feature worth exploring if you have a Google Account. However, you must have all your contacts on the same page, or they cannot connect. And, all this is too awkward for most business uses.

  • Invest in a Canada SIM card. You can purchase a cell phone and plan when you arrive at your destination for use while you are touring. But, you can buy a SIM card specific to that market for use in any phone or mobile device that uses one.

You simply order the SIM card ahead of time, slip into your phone, and follow the prompts. When you arrive at your destination, you activate the SIM without further ado. You want to share, connect, and navigate on the go.

It’s proven

TripAdvisor says, “Mobile phone service, or cellular, or cell phone service in Canada is the same as the U.S.A., but different from that in the rest of the world.” Optimizing your use of mobile devices can prove expensive.

Still, you do have options if you do a little research. You should know the ins and outs of your current plan, the options they offer for such travel, and how SIM cards can make a difference in your travel to Canada.

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