Ready to hit the open road for your vacation? Wanting to feel the wind in your hair and watch the trees rush by? Road trips can be a great vacation plan, offering you more sights to see than you would on a plain or even on a train.

One a road trip you have the opportunity to stop and check out any sights that you want to, even if they aren’t on the itinerary. If a road trip is your plan for vacation time you still need to have some sort of a destination. Here are a few to consider.

Visit A Resort Town

If you want your road trip to include the feel of a real, pre-planned, vacation, you might want to finish it off with a visit to a resort town. Whether you made reservations to stay at the resort itself or you just want to shop the shops and enjoy the tourist sights the town offers, you’ll definitely find things to do.

If you’re booked at the resort but you want to do a little exploring before it’s time for your stay, consider taking a long road to your destination. See some sights you may not have seen if you went the straight and narrow path. Sometimes the road is full of amazing adventures.

Drive Cross-Country

If you want your trip to be a road only trip, without that weekend at the spa or resort, then you could plan a cross-country trip. You could drive across your own country, or you could fly to another, rent a car and do it there. That’s up to your own adventurous spirit.

Maybe you have a particular destination, like a zoo or a museum you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe you just want to be able to say you drove across the country. Maybe you want to take photos of yourself or your family in as many states or areas as you can.

Check Out Tourist Traps

One really fun thing to do for a road trip vacation is to visit the various tourist traps in your area. This could be anything from oversized statues and museums full of strange things to strange spots where balls roll uphill. Tourist traps are definitely interesting.

The negative thing about these destinations, the roadside attractions, is that they can often be pricey. You may spend $10 a person to walk through the museum, and then you feel compelled to buy up souvenirs in the gift shop. Make a plan for how much you can spend at each stop before you hit the road.

Vacation is a great time for exploring, so why not take your vehicle and do a little exploring on your next vacation. Whether you have a week or only a weekend there are tons of sights to see on the open road.

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