Some of us enjoy the snow, but live in a place where the seasons don’t seem to cycle. Some of us get the occasional snow, but not enough to amount to any fun. Winter can be one of the best times to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

There are so many fun things to do in winter, from snowboarding and skiing to learning how to ice skate and enjoying a taste of some old fashioned snow cream.  However, there are some things to keep in mind that make a winter vacation much different from taking off in the spring or summer months. Below are a few tips to consider when leaving for a trip in the winter.

Keep Your Vehicle Stocked

When travelling in the winter, there are a few differences in the weather that you are bound to notice. Number one. It’s cold! Depending on where you plan on vacationing, it could be 50 degrees colder than what you are use to. In some places, it will be even colder than that. Two, you may encounter a lot of snow. Let’s be honest, though.

Even a little can cause a lot of trouble. Three, there is always the possibility of ice. With these factors in force and the possibility of being stranded in the cold, you should make sure to pack a few extra things in your trunk.

Take a blanket for every person travelling with you. Make sure to take plenty of water. A flashlight will help you see in the dark and some toilet paper might come in handy for the inevitable bathroom trip. Keep some snacks handy, as well. This will not only quell hunger, it will help keep morale up.

If you should encounter a situation where you are stranded for a long period of time, make sure to run your engine for about 10 minutes every so often to help keep everyone warm. Open your windows a crack to keep carbon monoxide from building up. Lastly, don’t forget your cell phone and car charger. This one piece of technology could save your life.

Let People In On Your Progress

Another detail to keep in mind when travelling in the winter is to make your whereabouts well known. Let a few family members or trusted friends know where you are every so often. Each transition in your trip is a good time to update. If you choose to drive to your destination, text or call someone and let them know when you leave and when you get to your destination.

It’s also good to give them an update or two along the way and the estimated time of your arrival. A missed check in could give them an early alert to trouble and send assistance your way much sooner than if no one knew where you were or when you were expected to arrive. Maybe you are choosing to fly to your getaway.

Make sure to let someone knows when you get to airport when you board, and when you finally touch down. We all know how eventful an airplane ride can get. The winter months add extra concerns. Keep in touch with the world around you.

Consider Your Home

After you have considered everything that you need to take care of on the road, it might be a good idea to think about how your home will get along without you while you are away. During the winter months, even if where you live doesn’t receive any snow, chances are that you still have some pretty frigid temperatures at night.

If you have pets, they need to have a place indoors they can relax and access to it while you are away. They will also need food and water. If you have a green thumb, you have probably already switched to decorating your home with winter friendly greens such as pelargoniums and orchids. However, they will need attention, as well, while you are gone. Make sure to have a trusted friend or family member available to take care of life within your home while you are away.

A vacation any time of the year is a much needed break. Just make sure to follow these extra tips when consider one in the winter.

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