People who are newly experiencing the world with sober eyes often feel a sense of urgency to jump-start their lives.  Sobriety often awakens a sense of exploration and passion for personal growth.  Travel fits naturally into a newly gained inspiration for the land of the living.  

Personal growth and a strong sense of self need time and experience to fully manifest in the life of a recovering addict.  The journey to sobriety after rehabilitation should be focused on the discovery, and travel turns the whole world into an easily accessible adult playground.  

For traveling to be a healthy mechanism of growth in the life of an addict, there need to be clear boundaries in place.  Before planning the next travel occasions, check out a few of the most popular sober travel adventures available in the United States.  

Sober Travel Adventures

Sober Travel Adventures is not a travel agency that works strictly with those in the program.  Currently, the company operates in accordance with another, more established travel agency to provide a wider range of travel destinations.  

Travel groups are typically comprised of addicts and those who do not suffer from addiction, but the itinerary offers several sober specific activities throughout the trip.  Try attending an AA meeting on the coast of Fiji for a heightened relationship with Mother Earth.

Attitude of Gratitude Sober Cruises

For a sober cruise experience, check out the Attitude of Gratitude Cruise adventures.  They sail twice a year, once in April, and once in October.  The cruises are completely alcohol-free, and 100 percent focused on life in recovery.  

Those who are in recovery understand the hopelessness for future adventures in the beginning, but sober travel allows for a safe and exciting experience without the use of substance.  

NYC Sober Tours

New York City’s long-sought, nostalgic sense of vitality has drawn millions of visitors to its streets for more than a century.  It is the famed “city that never sleeps.”  Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, and hundreds of other historical locations emanate a genuine spirit of our country’s founding principles.  

Take the time to discover our country’s roots without getting smashed.  NYC Sober Tours offer a sober city experience that is completely personalized to the liking of the individuals booking the tour.  

Clean Fun Network

The Clean Fun Network is the equivalent of Tinder for people who are working a 12-step program.  It is pretty excellent for meeting sober people all over the country.  Set up a clean and sober night out with the guys, or plan a drug-free camping trip through the Clean Fun Network.  

Roots Jungle Retreat

As a special listing, the Roots Jungle Retreat in the Dominica offers some of the best tropical sobriety the world has to offer.  It is a profoundly spiritual place, built with recovery in mind.  There are even 12 steps leading up to the main eatery.  

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