The summers is around the corner are you planning to visit USA? Sounds good if you belong to a country which is allowed by USA to enter without having visa then you can have more chances to enjoy your trip. With the help of ESTA visa services there are 38 countries which can travel to USA without having visa you can check out the list of these 38 countries by getting login into esta online. Getting a visa is really a difficult task for someone but if you are allowed to enter into USA without having a visa then you must grab this chance. There are lots of places which are worth visiting and lots of activities to do which you must need to have knowledge before making a plane of trip, I am going to mention top destinations and activities to do in USA.


Top Destinations in USA

  • Yosemite– Yosemite is a really amazing place if you want to feel the nature more closely, you will find a lot of lakes and landmarks. This place is more worth visiting in summer while in winter the weather is quite difficult to face. You can have a good experience of hiking if you are interested to do.
  • New York– This city is my favorite city ever; don’t miss to visit New York if you are planning to have a trip of USA. There are lots of historical places and buildings which make the soul stop. The city is quite busy but still you can get the maximum satisfaction the people are friendly and environment is amazing.
  • Orlando (Disney World)– If you really want to visit a place which you always use to see in your dreams then must go to Orlando Disney World you will get rid of your all tensions and frustrations at this place.
  • Chicago– Chicago is a well developed city and a great example of architecture the tall buildings talking to sky are enough to attract the visitors. The foot of Chi-town’s and iconic skyline are the famous destinations of Chicago city.
  • Las Vegas– The night life in Las Vegas has a different experience than other cities mostly people who get a chance to visit USA they love to spend their nights in Las Vegas because the experience of shopping and dining is quite amazing which you can’t get somewhere else.

Top Activities to Do In USA

Well there are lots of things to do in USA the very first thing which you must need to before leaving USA is fox fire adventure if you get a chance to move Sevierville then try the fox fire adventure on mountains it is quite interesting and adventuring activity to do. If you are driving lover then I would suggest to visit Sedona and get a chance to drive the jeep, there are pink jeeps which are used to drive on such dangerous ways it would be a nice adventure for you. Corolla is known for the riding of wild horse it is an amazing activity do don’t miss to have a ride of wild horse if you are in Corolla. The biking in DC Washington DC is not a thing to miss if you are with your family then must take a ride of bikes and visit the whole city on bikes it would be an amazing and unique experience.

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